Home decor and renovation are so popular, both topics have channels dedicated to bringing millions of ideas to viewers, 24 hours a day. Twenty years ago, it could hardly have been imagined that one could easily, and affordably,  take those ideas they saw on TV and translate it into their own homes either on their own or with the help of local professionals. Well in the world of the internet you too can make the home you have imagined for years, a very current reality, “The New Way to Design Your Home,” is just a few clicks away. While there are many options out there, Houzz is our favorite, let us explain why.

The world of Pinterest is full of wonderful and gorgeous ideas.  The only problem is that the elements of the design and decor are out of reach for the masses.  The ideas may be beautiful, but can be far too contrived to suit real life and real families, or more than likely you don’t even know where to find the products in those beautiful pictures.  These are unrealistic dreams.  We strive to make your dreams reality.

Houzz.com offers:

  1. Shop for your home using the direct connections and specific information on Houzz.com. The website is thorough and filled to the brim with every color combination, every type of furniture known to man and woman, and has a direct link to the places these items can be purchased.  There will not have to be crazy amount of hours doing research, no back and forth on TV websites trying to figure out where you can purchase, and best of all, no constant interference of off-topic advertisements.
  2. Use Ideabooks to discover design ideas with the amazing content on Houzz.com. This easy to use website is bursting with great ideas.  There is a jumping-off point for every single person visiting the website.  Everyone’s style preference gets a shot at some creative suggestions.  Funky, traditional, shabby-chic, they truly have it all.
  3. There are hundreds of professional resources on Houzz.com. Finding just the right designer or builder or architect for your home is an important part of the plan.  Making the process easier is the goal of the website and its professional partners.
  4. Houzz.com gives you the opportunity to ask questions of the professionals on the website. This means access to the best minds in design, architecture, and construction. If you need a question answered, and maybe a second opinion, or third opinion, you can turn to Houzz.com.
  5. Houzz.com allows you to shop by department. In a coherent and cohesive manner, you can peruse all the things you want and need for your home.  Choose Bath, Kitchen, Outdoor, Home Improvement, or Lighting.  Under each of those categories you will find options for all the things you could, can, or have imagined for your home.

Houzz.com is a fun website as much as it is professional one.  You can find thousands upon thousands of photos to get your creative juices flowing.  There are tours of celebrity homes and the musings of some of the greatest designers working today.  It is light in its presentation, but as solid as concrete in its professionalism and resources.

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