There is a reason House Hunters Renovation is HGTV’s #1 show on the network, because it’s so fun to watch the homeowners go thru the process of turning a house into a home. So when HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation invited New Generation to participate in an episode, we were really curious. After all, we had never been on TV before. Once we met with interior designer Rosa Beltran, who has a killer eye for design, the production company, Pie Town Productions, who are super cool and down to earth, and the homeowners, who were invested in creating a wonderful space for their expanding family, we became thrilled to be a part of renovating a 1904 Highland Park bungalow. And while cameras took some getting used to, we loved every part of working on this project!

If you missed watching the episode on HGTV, check out this short clip of New Generation’s feature. If you have on demand, it is House Hunters Renovation Season 16, Episode 8, “Two Dads, One Tough Renovation”.