A home renovation can be a make or break experience.  Every person knows someone with a horror story to tell.  Finding a contractor with experience, a great crew, and a trustworthy character can seem like the impossible dream.  We are here to let you know, that with a bit of due diligence, renovation dreams can come true.

Choosing your contractor takes research, time, and work.  Always ask for proof of license by asking to see his or her pocket license.  All licensed contractors are issued a pocket license with their License Number, the type of work they are licensed to perform, and the expiration date.  Ask to see his or her photo identification to be sure they match.  Any contractor performing a job costing more than $500.00 must be licensed in the State of California.  Request a copy of proof of insurance, as well.

New Generation Home Improvements is licensed, insured, and can supply copies of any licensing and/or insurance paperwork you request.  We have a policy of trust and transparency in all our projects.  Our mission of total client satisfaction makes the team at our company unique in the home improvement industry; because we genuinely mean total client satisfaction.

According to the Contractors State License Board, “Contractors cannot ask for a deposit of more than 10 percent of the total cost of the job or $1,000, whichever is less. (This applies to any home improvement project, including swimming pools.)”  If a contractor gives you a sob story or insists his source needs the cash upfront, then take your loss, if any, and walk away as fast as your feet can take you.

A reputable contractor will have a good relationship with his or her suppliers and assets strong enough to carry the work to completion.  New Generation Home Improvements has fostered long-term relationships of trust and hold their suppliers to the same high standards they hold for their own team.

This makes us a stand-out in the industry.

References are a must when it comes to contractors. Any contractor worth his salt will have no qualms about giving you the information you seek.  If they hesitate or try to convince you that you do not need to see anything, and try to sell you on the idea that “they will take care of you, not to worry about anything, please, trust us,” walk away.

Contractors are the integral component on any construction project. However, to fully realize your home renovation you may need to addan interior designer or an architect to complete the renovations dream team.

Often people have the image in their minds about what they want, but cannot pull it all together with layout, finishes, paint selection, floor selection, appliances, landscaping, lighting, and all the finishing touches.  An Interior designer is an artist at heart.  A designer has the experience and education that brings together the knowledge of construction, engineering, and the ability to find all things beautiful for your home

The third part of a renovations dream team is the Architect. Many people do not know when they may need an architect for a renovation.  A small project like bigger windows requiring a minor enlargement or removal of a non-bearing wall, can be handled by the contractor.  If you are considering large additions to rooms, or the creation of new rooms, renovations encompassing the whole house,  an architect should always be consulted.  They are trained in engineering, design theory, and code compliance.

At New Generation Home Improvements, design and construction is our passion.  We work with your expert architects and designers to bring your dream fruition in your home. We strive to make every bit of the process easy, fun, and as seamless as possible even when bringing together multiple professionals on one project.